We've been thrust into change at warp-speed.

The stress we're facing in the form of The Pandemic, and its accompanying forces, do not acknowledge traditional responses. Does any of the behavioral psychology we've been taught apply? Fight what? Flee where? 

Neither alternative is available. 

What have we learned?

To what degree have you allowed the collective fear in? Or have you worked through it, even though you feel its underlying presence?  

In order to adjust, I'm relieved and awakened by working inward. 

Here I overcome. Here I find a pure, heart-felt energy available to all of us. Most importantly, I sense an opportunity to create from this place of personal power within each of us, is upon us.

If you're like me, delusional and sometimes scary thoughts run amok in our brains. We've all been, and continue to be, programmed to accept fear in our lives. But I've benefitted from a self-propelled regimen of stress management applied in 2020. If you'd like to read about that I wrote a book you can access here as a download or send me your mailing address and I'll send you a hard copy, while they last. 

Distractions were curtailed in 2020.

Fewer outside stimuli became a huge blessing in a deceptive disguise. Left to be with ourselves we allowed ourselves to  get frustrated by letting all the outside chatter infiltrate and dominate. Or we sought renewal. I learned that flocking to the “news” of the mass media led to depression. With nowhere to go I found expressing myself through journaling, sharing and exercising vigorously. These practices led to a hidden reservoir of inner abundance. 

With nowhere to go everything and everywhere became available. 

The path was bumpy and lonesome in 2020. But “ confusion is the last stop on the train to clarity”. - Alan Cohen; Daily Dose of Sanity. 

It's uncomfortable but worth the ride.

2021 is the year, and now is the time to ask if we're subsisting in survival mode or charting a new life-course.

Because you're not alone if you're feeling stuck in your job or your daily routine. We've managed to over-manage ourselves, haven't we? Cluttered calendars chock full of what? It's time to confront yourself if your day is filled with meetings or tasks you don't really care about.

It's time to confide in yourself. If you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious or powerless you're spinning on an over-scheduled hamster wheel. It's time to take control of your priorities and rediscover where you find joy. Spend more time there!

It's in that place you'll find peace of mind and agency. 

Why challenge yourself?

Because you deserve to feel worthy and strong and unique and exceptionally you. 

2020 has awoken a clarity in me and others and I am supercharged by a community of leaders that preach self-awareness. I am so grateful for their wisdom and the vehicles of yoga and meditation they've shared with me. My personal power stems from online classes and self-affirming speeches/videos everyone can access. 

Set your intentions on doing this kind of work instead of fruitless busy-ness. 

I sense that too many Americans have been pounded into submission by all the fear-based messaging. Those controlling the data have selected the airwaves and words you're seeing and hearing. You can choose to give that information meaning or power; OR NOT.

It's time to consider reconsidering.

You can believe that the novel virus is incredibly deadly, or you can summon the strength to make yourself healthier. You can allow others to dominate your perspectives, or you can develop more self-love so the next time you greet a neighbor or business associate your energy heals them without saying a word.

The power is within you to create your own version and vision of your best life. But it won't happen through complacency, complaining or overindulging. Now is the time to find self-discipline and exercise it daily.

My intent for this new year is to be of service every day to anyone looking for heart-felt connection. And as I move toward my greater good, I support others to join me. 

Fearful thoughts create fearful experiences - Louise Hay

What would you feel or do or be without fear?

 Let's find out together.

Join me and other like minded professionals on this journey by joining my LinkedIn group Trust Life

Jordan Greenberg

With Pinnacle Source, our small, specialized team of recruiters takes the work off of your plate of unearthing and attracting hard-to-find sales performers.


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