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In a sea of so many talented, well-intentioned sales professionals what makes the best standout year after year?

When we encounter great salespeople “off the playing field” they appear to be just like you and me. With x-ray eyes, you would notice a brighter glow illuminating their breastbone.

They experience doubt. They have internal voices that cast fear. They know failure. In fact, they all suffer. We all have surviving days and thriving days.

Is there a path leading us to consistent glory? Who can help us get there? Is there a roadmap or a compass I can buy?  Is anyone listening? How you make sense of these day-to-day challenges is everything.

The great news is if you're asking yourself any of these questions, you're on the road to freedom and joy. Your self-awareness is the key to unlocking all that’s harmonious, and frankly perfect, about life.

What are the most common qualities of a star sales rep?

1. Self-discipline

They work early (or late) and often, pretty much every day. There's no substitute for consistent, self-generated sales activity.

2. Poise

They all express themselves clearly; verbally, and in writing.

3. Two ears / One mouth

They all listen keenly to their prospects, customers, mentors, and themselves. Read on…

4. Determination

They all possess a sheer will to achieve individual and/or team goals.

5. Gratitude

They all give back via expressions and actions.

6. Closing Skills

They all know how and when to ask for the order.

7. Guts

They're all willing to be honest about their product or service when tough questions surface. The truth will come out, so be the one that offers it.

8. Perseverance

They all bounce back after inevitable setbacks.

9. And the ONE thing that separates the best from the rest?

They all BELIEVE (in) it BEFORE they see it!

They believe in themselves and their ultimate abundance. They take responsibility for their own happiness. They overcome self-doubt. They find inspiration from within. They're aware of negative thoughts and negotiate them out of their day-to-day. They practice (through meditation, weightlifting, music, walking in nature; as examples) matching their flow of thoughts with positive intentions.

In other words, they transform ups and downs into desirable, mutually beneficial results.

Never look where you don’t want to go

What are you choosing to perceive and believe about your life? What actions are you taking to manage them? Are you aware of your self-talk and working on neutralizing and then improving it?

We all have sob stories to share. The more you tell them, the bigger they get. Your friends support and encourage your biggest goals and dreams. They're not your true believers if they dwell in your misery. Even if that's comforting for both parties. All those "woe is me" vibes create a hellish snowball that gathers momentum bringing you down.

When shit, or what we believe to be shit, happens the outcome can be interpreted in many ways. Stress can trap and minimize you or inspire you. You choose.

Surrender to what is

Allow change in. Embrace it and treat its outcomes as valuable lessons in your life's journey. Use them to make informed decisions going forward.

Then do not let fear of what's next hold you back. The fear is always greater than the event itself.

Responsibility has to be taken, not given
- Powershift: Transform Any Situation, Close Any Deal, and Achieve Any Outcome, Draymond John

The world's most powerful motivational coach cannot spark the flame within you unless it's lit.  Trust life.

The best salespersons I've ever met all have faith that the Universe has their back. They all understand and accept obstacles as natural. Many, in fact, see the obstacle as the way.

With fortitude and self-confidence, they see through the mud. They work through the grime. They know the other side is waiting for them.

Doo-doo will find its way to your sidewalk. How long will you let it linger and stink? See it and smell it for what it is. Then go find fresh air and breathe in your ability to overcome and rise above.

How do you recruit great sales reps?

Sales stars never go on sale. As the economy slows, companies are struggling to find and hire over-quota performers. Do not be fooled by the number of resumes you're receiving to posted openings. Top Sales Reps are not seeing them.

Passive recruiting tactics work when filling some less critical roles. When recruiting top sales talent for critical roles, you have to seek them out directly.

Screening Sales talent is different. So many sales candidates interview well. If you're not sure you have the right internal recruiter to screen effectively in this tricky market, reach out to me. With by my side, we have the capability to submit the right number (not too many nor too few) of qualified resumes to you within the right amount of time.


Jordan Greenberg

With Pinnacle Source, our small, specialized team of recruiters takes the work off of your plate of unearthing and attracting hard-to-find sales performers.


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