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I have had the distinct honor and pleasure of working with Jordan on multiple occasions. His commitment and dedication to his clients is phenomenal. His professionalism, and knowledge of our business and exactly what we need for our key personnel hires has been spectacular. I have the highest level of respect for Jordan and his team. Each interaction that I have with Jordan I am very fortunate because I come away with a better understanding and appreciation of the business world. I learn valuable information and insights from Jordan throughout each meeting or discussion that he and I are involved in. Without Jordan our firm would not be where it is today.

John Pappas

Vice President & General Manager Americas
Prophecy International Pty Ltd

Jordan is like a heat-seeking missile. Honed to get at the core of a candidate's true ability and character. While I was SVP of Sales & Marketing at Tendril/Uplight, Jordan was my go-to recruiting partner for sales talent. He brought me great candidates and furthermore he's a straight shooter. His style is maybe too direct for some folks, he'll tell you when you're making a mistake on a candidate, or being too slow to respond. But for me, it was super helpful that he'd cut to the chase. He was a significant contributor to helping me rebuild the sales team at Tendril from the ground up and enabling our success. Over my 4 1/2 years, we became the biggest company in our space and rebranded to Uplight. I thank Jordan for his contributions and would recommend him to anyone looking to build a high-performance sales team.

Dave Grant

Chief Revenue Officer
Fusion Sport

Jordan has played a pivotal role in the growth of our Sales team over the years. His deep understanding of our unique needs has allowed for us to find some of the best candidates that the market has to offer and I would highly recommend his services.

David Barella, PHR

Head of Human Resources
Tax Guard

I have worked with Jordan and the Pinnacle Source for years and had nothing but great support in my efforts to identify the best sales, marketing and account management candidates. My background is in SaaS software business turnaround, so identifying and bringing on high performing teams quickly is criterial. Jordan has always been able to help identify and build the critical teams I need to create explosive growth. He and his team know how to listen and accurately interpret your candidate requirements and then go out and find the right fit. Their process delivers results quickly saving time and money.

Jay Jones

EVP Sales, Marketing, & Alliance Partnerships
Optima ECM Consulting

Jordan was an excellent resource for finding business development staff and I would strongly recommend seeking him out if you need help accessing Sales talent. I know that I will.

Scott Gustlin

Software Executive
Adeptive Software Corporation