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The Pinnacle source has over 35 years of proven and trusted experience sourcing next level talent for SAAS companies from 10-person startups to industry leading tech giants. The backbone of our service is to rigorously comb through candidate profiles and screen per your specific requirements. We employ grass-roots recruiting efforts, our in house ATS and the most robust network of Linkedin connections in Colorado to do so.

Our steadfast intention is to keep your best interest at heart!

Our value is measurable

We help you exceed your revenue and profit targets by unearthing and attracting hard-to-find sales performers. Due to our focus on SaaS sales team building we are expert at communicating your company’s unique story and opportunities to carefully selected profiles. The result is ROI your sales org will revel in.

Higher quality candidates in a shorter amount of time

Reputable Search firms deliver higher quality candidates in a shorter amount of time. That is the inherent value of our industry.

High-touch communication

Our small, specialized team of recruiters provide you with consistent, high-touch communication from the day you delegate your requirement to the signing up of your chosen employee.

Sales leadership is our forte

The more critical, impactful the role you need to fill, the better.  We’ve established a confidential network of VP Sales level talent in Colorado that is unparalleled.  Put us to the test and find out why you no longer need to reach out to out of state or name brand/big-box/Silicon Valley headhunters to fill your highest level, most coveted assignments.

Positions we fill

Regional VPs

VP Sales

VP Marketing


SaaS and IT Sales

Sr. Account Executives

Inside Sales

BDR Management

Inside Sales Management

1st Line Field Sales Management


Account Executives

I have had the distinct honor and pleasure of working with Jordan on multiple occasions. His commitment and dedication to his clients is phenomenal. His professionalism, and knowledge of our business and exactly what we need for our key personnel hires has been spectacular. I have the highest level of respect for Jordan and his team. Each interaction that I have with Jordan I am very fortunate because I come away with a better understanding and appreciation of the business world. I learn valuable information and insights from Jordan throughout each meeting or discussion that he and I are involved in. Without Jordan our firm would not be where it is today.

John Pappas

Prophecy International Pty Ltd
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I have worked with Jordan and the Pinnacle Source for years and had nothing but great support in my efforts to identify the best sales, marketing and account management candidates. My background is in SaaS software business turnaround, so identifying and bringing on high performing teams quickly is criterial. Jordan has always been able to help identify and build the critical teams I need to create explosive growth. He and his team know how to listen and accurately interpret your candidate requirements and then go out and find the right fit. Their process delivers results quickly saving time and money.

Jay Jones

Optima ECM Consulting
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Get to know Pinnacle Source

The Pinnacle Source is a family of Colorado software sales recruiters that has been placing software sales professionals in the greater Denver region since the inception of the SaaS industry. We look forward to working with you and your hiring team to find your next star performers!

Our Team

Jordan Greenberg

Chief Recruiting Officer

Sherri Greenberg

CHief Operations Officer

Denise Lund

VP Sales & Marketing

Sabdy Soliz

Manager of Administration & Customer Service


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