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I’ve heard this said for years and never believed it. It has never worked for me. Until now.

Students of meditation will tell you the less effort they exert trying to improve their practice, the deeper attainment of clarity and peacefulness they achieve.

That experience of equanimity ultimately carries over to their ability to lead a better life, even if they’re not sure how.

But if you accept that truth and don’t mediate, what does that mean to you?

Before Mark Benioff founded he had a tremendously successful career in sales at Oracle Corp. He knew, along with one or two others, that the idea behind Salesforce would change the way technology could be bought, sold and implemented forever (and it has through the “invention” and proliferation of SaaS).

So what did he do? 

He went sailing around the world for 6 months. Yep, he knew that he was on the verge of something monumental. He possessed limitless faith. He trusted himself and the Universe around us. He needed to completely refresh and reset before plunging into what has become (arguably) the most successful software company ever. That was 20 years ago.

Today, and forevermore, the same principles apply to you and me.

Before the pandemic spread fear throughout America we, The Pinnacle Source, Inc., were struggling.

I couldn't figure out why nor did I seem to have a solution regardless of how hard I tried. For forty years I’d convinced myself the harder I worked, the more I strived, and pushed myself the better my results would be. This mode of operating has worked well at times. It worked because I told myself it could and would work. The power of intention is enormous. 

But quantity of activity has its limits.

And we had reached ours. My team was awash in opportunity. Our slate of Active/Open requirements (client companies had engaged us to fill) was overflowing. I had exceptionally skilled recruiters hungry to close business.

The effort was there, but no results. So what was missing?

Regardless of how big or strong our work muscles were, my heart wasn't in it. We all can redefine work through a connection to one's spirit. I was leading without passion for our work and it shone in every communication. My mind and body were at the job, my emotional being was elsewhere.

The quality of my efforts was nowhere to be found. Passion is the key element in every endeavor one undertakes. My love for my work was absent and whether I could feel it missing, or not, my clients and candidates felt the lack of care. Care is hard to measure. But it is a critical ingredient for a professional services company to embody.

Our services lacked value because they were ego-driven and soul-less. 

This will be a cleansing

As the pandemic took grip, the most brilliant words I heard came from my Director of Research, LJD,  “THIS WILL BE A CLEANSING!”. So true. 

On March 12th we had 9 searches under way, under contract. On April 3rd, we had one. Shocking, disturbing, and ultimately cleansing. 

We were powerless to change the level of business activity we had. Yet in the powerlessness, new energies were birthed. For me, that spark came from stepping back, surrendering and working within. 

I had a well established yoga practice.

Now it was time to dig deeper.

I had meditated on and off.

Now I practice each morning before I consume myself with extraneous to-dos.

I was incompetent with my iphone when it came to tuning into self-actualizing podcasts.

Now I had the time to do just that.

All of these daily habits dramatically and eternally changed the way I started my day. 

I found myself thoroughly enjoying the new routine.

Less stress. More “me time”. What a luxury! Who cares that we have no business coming? I'm enjoying discovering who I am. Spending time the way I choose to spend it. 

Then I started connecting with loved ones about the plight we all found ourselves in. And I was not alone in my new-found joy and revelations. And we talked and shared and connected on a more genuine and caring, love-for- another level. These rewards were higher than any I could have received through my job.

The transformation I experienced the next 80 days shifted my frequency. 

Then I terminated the one ongoing client relationship leftover pre-Covid. That decision was made with my now healthier, replenished gut. This was a loyal, but very challenging client and I knew, spiritually, we were ready to shed that skin. 

Fast forward to today…

Despite record-setting unemployment, and fierce competition, we are thriving. Everything we “touch” has taken on a positive glow. We’ve made magical and miraculous placements each month since the lockdown. Quality has replaced and surpassed quantity. Less is more.

In February my vibrational energies were spurious and diluted.  

Finding, and then sending myself love reactivated my personal power. My heart is now cracked open. My appreciation for the people and events in my life is supercharged. And my self-love is magnified through every Kundalini yoga class, meditation session and self-activating message I receive from Masters I choose to tune into, and be with. 

Universal Spirit has cleansed me.

Jordan Greenberg

With Pinnacle Source, our small, specialized team of recruiters takes the work off of your plate of unearthing and attracting hard-to-find sales performers.


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