Have you had the good fortune of being uplifted after a period of bleak despair?

The great Wayne Dyer said that breakthroughs in life almost always follow breakdowns. In my life, the early, sudden death of my brother lead to a spiritual awakening that has no ceiling.

You can choose to look at 2020 as a year chock full of breakdowns or focus your energy on the potential for enormous breakthroughs now.


The Pinnacle Source family lost loved ones, experienced financial setbacks and consistent challenges last year. Now we're stronger and more faithful than ever!

We wondered throughout last Spring how fragile, or enduring, our business relationships were.

But we communicated with one another with hope and care and the joy found by expressing gratitude for our well -being. The four of us are more richly connected than ever. 

For all this I look at 2020 as a huge blessing. We've all taken a huge step forward. By taking a few small steps back.

 Now we know “success is not owned, it is rented; and the rent comes due every day. “ ( anonymous )

We've adopted new roles and responsibilities to match the evolving needs of our marketplace.

We are committed to being of service to you- Colorado's SaaS /Software/IT Community. Through our earnest approach to recruiting we'll continue to focus on building your Sales Orgs from BDRs to AEs to CROs. When you allow us to do the work we've been dedicated to for over 30 years you will be supported!

We're retooled and refreshed. We have new titles and responsibilities. Please visit pinnaclesource.com for a glimpse at what's fresh. And be sure to peruse our testimonials.

The Pinnacle Source, like many others, broke down last year. It was a punch to the gut. One we'll remember but not dwell on. One we've learned from. 

Now we're experiencing an awesome and powerful and sustaining rebound.

We've done the work that's led to our WHY. We do SaaS Sales and Sales Management search because it's literally in our blood. And our new path has been showered with gifts from everywhere and everyone. This breakdown has led to a breakthrough of epic proportion. 

I'm so inspired by my team! Same stars, different mindset. 

And oh so thankful for you!

Everyone who cares enough to read this is responsible for our existence and continued success.

The entire world is incentivized and set up to recover.

The Universe is rigged in our favor. What an incredibly powerful force to be a part of. The wind is at our backs… Can you Feel it? 

Get in touch with it and allow the momentum to carry you to unbridled greatness. We're here for you with eager ears to listen and learn and love.

Seize this day and join the breakthrough. 

Jordan Greenberg

With Pinnacle Source, our small, specialized team of recruiters takes the work off of your plate of unearthing and attracting hard-to-find sales performers.


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