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Steps to success

The Pinnacle process

We search deep and wide to find candidates you've set your sights on that are not actively looking

Step 1

We search our in-house ATS filled with approx. 5000 current, local to Colorado, Sales and Sales management profiles/resumes and historical interview data by keywords you provide.

Step 2

We utilize our specialized LinkedIn network of approx. 15,000 1st connections.  Since our search and placement practice has always been focused on SaaS/Tech sales in Colorado the vast majority of these connections are sales / sales management candidates.

Step 3

We post your specific requirement confidentially through LinkedIn and to attract active jobseekers.

Step 4

Our trained staff utilizes grassroots recruitment efforts and creatively introduces your opportunities to the ideal talent you covet.

Step 5

We network with like-minded applicants we have partnered with in the past to request their assistance in growing our field of candidates to screen.

Step 6

Our distinct benefit to you is market tenure.  If you’re looking for a true search partner to collaborate with from job description to new employee start date we provide a turnkey service offering.

Step 7

We love to listen and learn so give us a call or send jordan an email today