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How important is money to you? Fame? Looks? The size and price of your house? Car? 

What really matters AND WHY? 

Will money buy you happiness? When will we realize that answer is NO? 

Good thing we have modern day examples of the dude that has everything and still acts like a victim. 

He whines about his teammates, coaches, GM and his predicament. He's so mistreated; in his own mind.

To the outsider, he has everything anyone could dream of possessing- from a material standpoint.

It doesn't matter. You are whom you believe you are. What story are you telling yourself? What thoughts dominate your mind and then become the words from your mouth?

How different will your life be if you start walking around all day saying thank you instead of F you? 

 If KD wants to mope and complain and look for more and more stuff, he will never find peace. What a shame! 

But it proves that one can be filthy rich, incredibly gifted, possess a private jet, multiple houses, cars, jewels, etc; and still be miserable.

How do you find inspiration?... 

By looking for it!

KD has every conscious man's choice available to him. As do you. 

I pray for KD. I hope his public whining is just a façade and his heart is in a much better place.

We are all slaves to our own minds. We all have limiting thoughts replaying in our brain. But we can choose to talk about them- ie complain; or we can keep them bottled up-ie-suffer from depression; or we can free ourselves from them with the right tools. 

I'm a firm believer and experiencer of moving the body to rid myself of my negativities. For me its Kundalini yoga and meditation. But you can walk, run, cycle, skip, jump, dance, swim, etc out of any funk.

You can also feed your heart and mind with uplifting music and videos and mantras and more. Sound heals too!

The great news is the flip side is true too!

Your state of mind is not dependent on the size of your bank account. Although most of the mass media messaging we're bombarded with would have you believe differently.

 When I am my happiest, most joyful, peaceful self- it (the feeling) – has nothing to do with what I'm wearing or how good others think I look, or my net worth in dollars. 

So why don't I sit home and meditate all day?

Because I'm driven to exercise my capacities in other ways too.  As I heard Nick Saban ( Alabama Head Football Coach ) say the other day –“I am committed to the grind”. So, as I start year 42 ( )  I don’t know when or if I'll retire. 

But like Serena; I'm evolving.

And I continue to be turned on by listening and learning from my clients` stories, and then helping them find exceptional employees. I find joy in recruiting, screening and prepping candidates. I am grateful for you- my business community! 

Reflection and rest and family and exercise provide me with balance. The wonderful, surprising, giving, sharing side of fellow beings keeps me supported; and shining.

I cherish that energy from you. How aware are you of the positive vibrations of those that support and or care for you? It's not easily detected by our 5 senses. When you do tap into it, heighten your awareness of it.  And don't let others take it from you. Don't let them bring you down! Don’t give their cynical opinions and destructive actions weight. 

We all have access to those higher-self feelings. The ones that comes from above and beyond. From an infinite source of energy. We all live amidst it. The ones that lead us to the BELIEF IN ourselves.

But you must choose to have it. And you are in complete control of that choice. Mine is not always on. I have doubts. I suffer from regret and guilt and shame. But I know now that's NOT ME. That's my mind playing tricks on the real me. As for others that still doubt, I've learned to respect but ignore. 

I've been granted passageway

I could die a happy man tonight. My faith is based upon gifts from this universal love I speak of. There is no way to measure the size of these blessings. They have come to me in the shape of my son and his family and so many other angels touching me. Thank

The bottom line is that you can't buy better feelings. You can't buy better thoughts. But you can find tools  of inspiration to help you come back to loving yourself.

What's your status? The better question is – who gives a shit? 

My message to KD is to get a light and look deeply into your life. There's so much to love in there. I so hope you feel better than you sound. You have it all. But then again, we all have it all.

Do not be fooled by life's contrast

I am average in so many ways. My stature, my income ( compared to KD ), my notoriety/social media status, my home, my car, etc…ALL AVERAGE. 

And you know what? I love being that kind of average!

Because I've been granted passageway to a higher power; and to the unknown. I'm not sure how it happened. I may never understand it in this lifetime. But I “saw” my brother passing over me into the heavens 20 plus years ago. He would have been 70 years old today.

I know the unknown exists. I know and I feel the magnitude of a Universal force that is so unfathomably enormous that it has no size, nor shape, nor form. But it's the most real “thing “my awareness can connect to when I question my direction. If you have FAITH and courage it will answer.

This force bestows us all with goodness of heart and peace of mind when we need it most. The “systems” we humans have put in place for one another to share comes from this source. That I know. 

Call it a positive outlook on life or belief in my fellow beings.

We're all God's children. As we pass through life we can choose to be aware of and grateful for that Blessing; or not. You choose. Your words and actions reflect that choice every waking minute of every breathing day.

When your arms and shoulders are burdened carrying a cross, you can't give or receive the love you deserve when they are free.
- Alan Cohen, 

Jordan Greenberg

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