The last week of 2021 of Colorado proved to be ultra-challenging for many residents. The State was plagued with - well, some call it the plague, Then the unseasonably warm, dry winds fanned the flames of a "winter-fire" in Boulder County forcing many (including my son and his family) to evacuate. Several hundred of "us" lost enormously valuable properties and their keepsakes within. This craziness came in the immediate aftermath of a shooter gone mad in Lakewood taking the lives of several souls from our community.

Makes you wonder, huh?

What's really important to you?

Maybe that's why shit happens. It- the shit that happens- re-focuses me. "It" has value. "It" is real but it's fleeting as well. Hopefully, we've learned to move on. Hope is what we hold on to and through.

For me, keeping the faith is paramount throughout daily life. We all battle demons. Some let the negative thoughts become fears that pervade our life-style. Others overcome. Whatever it is... Can you keep IT in perspective? Why not try to live through a prism of hope and faith and trust in the greater good?

If dwelling in fear has become comforting to you, you're not alone.

The first step in getting out of that comfort zone is to recognize you're in it. It all starts with awareness. You know there's so much more to life than being mired in the muck.

But these are dark days- literally. So you have to push yourself out of the comfort zone and into the light. Find a motivational speaker on Youtube. Bundle up, get outside and walk. Find a friend to confide in. And if no one is in your corner- start a journal. Share your thoughts with you! You'll be amazed at the relief gained from expressing yourself.

Deep down, or up, within you, lies faith.

Within you is a peaceful happy place. Maybe it's hidden. Maybe, it's dark. But it's in there, And this IT-is so much more powerful and imperishable than the shit. This it is the only force that will never leave you. So go get IT. Don't try to hold on to it. Let IT hold you. Let it embrace you. Let it comfort you with a knowing that the other stuff will come and go.

We're all subject to suffering. We're all struggling to stay positive. Take solace in knowing you're not alone in your challenges. We're all in the same human boat.

Your boat has sails, maybe even wings.

Let the wind come from your back, even when they feel like they're slowing you down temporarily. You cannot control the short-term breeziness of life, but you can maintain faith in what's next. Find your personal power. Let your imagination roam and spread and bring you joy. Start there. Stay there. 

That's what's really important now. 

You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger. - Buddha

Jordan Greenberg

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