They say things happen in 3s 

Now I have had 3 supernatural experiences directly connected to the death of loved ones.

My Brother Peter’s death, almost 20 years ago, shocked me in more ways than one as I saw him passing  over me into heaven, hours before I received word of his “death”. 

Immediately following my father's death I was liberated as he reminded me to embrace my imperfections through a series of powerful , unearthly events. 

Guru Jagat’s ( my spiritual teacher ) recent passing enables me to soar through life with less burden and to live as the being I was intended to be without regret, without holding back; to be free. 

She taught me to be aware of the significance of my lineage. My connection to these leaders bestowed infinitely valuable life lessons. 

What have you learned or what are you teaching within your mentor/mentee, parent/child relationships? 

I’ve learned the highest goal I can have as a student is to reach for the attainment that my leaders instilled in me. The highest compliment I can ever pay them, and the best reward I will ever enjoy, is for me to become that which they hoped and wished me to be. That which they saw in me realized - that’s the goal.

When passing on your intentions or your teachings/ coaching/ mentoring/ leading your only goal is to bring out the best in those you are most connected with.

And as my mentors passed on, they all enlightened me with astounding gifts. All 3 passed leaving the same message. Their unmistakable signs filled with potent and pure love instructed me and directed me to stop living in fear, to stop waiting for joy, and to strive to be at peace within. 

The inextricable tie between life and death is amazing.

Death heightens my senses. 

Death snaps me out of my trance and awakens me. 

Death impacts me like nothing else in life.

Maybe these supernatural events are always occurring around me and it takes a powerful souls transformational event ( i.e. dying ) for me to notice the pure grandeur of it all. Or maybe those most precious to my tangled existence are so powerful and so in love with me that they cannot leave without a huge show of brilliance. Or both…

All I know is their lives while here on earth are not for naught! 

They've chosen to use their exit from this stage to give me a sign. They've shown me not to wait for these startling moments to grab life's bounty. It – life's raw, unfathomable and imperishable beauty- is always around me and you.

My closest friends' passing on reveals that which never dies.  

Inspired by Guru Jagat (

Two profound lessons came from RA MA Institute's yoga classes leading up to Guru Jagat's death.  

The first is that “life is certain to dump manure upon your path”. And we have a choice.

Will we wade through the manure being miserable, or see it as an opportunity to grow? Can we get above the shit and take something other than stench and heaviness from it? Yogis are taught to have the spiritual and physical strength to rise above any obstacle.

And before you start projecting about all the terrible things that are so hard to overcome in our lives like Coronavirus and your loved one's cancer diagnosis, give their second lesson a try. 

‘The worry is always worse than the event!”

That's right and you know it. So stop acting small and getting all stressed out about what might be. Start trusting life. 

Build up the courage to know you can overcome life's imperfectness. It's life's contrasts and ‘hardships’ that give us most positive perspective and JOY. Embrace that which feels crappy on the surface. You'll get through it more gracefully when you do.

That's the essence of the messages my mentors left me.

They ”told” me, in no uncertain terms, to be my best version of me. 

That is my living- freely me.

That is not me caught up in self-doubt or self-analysis or stress or fear or anxiety or worry.

It is me free from guilt and shame and judgement.

It is life-loving me!

So if you're looking for one of your leaders to pass you a torch, stop waiting and open your heart to what you know they really want for you in this life right now. 

So much of the mass media and societal messaging we're inundated with leads us to believe in the all-encompassing thoughts our minds produce. Just experiment with the notion of rewriting your agreement with what we believe is reality. If you try, you will find your limitations falling away and your inner knowing / your awareness expanding. Because the real beauty in life is found by letting go of all that monkey-mindedness.  

It was through this letting go that I was able to receive the messages from my mentors. And through the letting go I am filled with gratitude for them and their farewells of pure love.

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Jordan Greenberg

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