Is there still something missing in your career?

Is the path hard to stay on or even find? Do you have control over it? Or has your nine to five become more like nine to nine? Does it feel fortifying or draining?

Most candidates I talk to are not getting what they want from their jobs, and I think I know why. After almost 40 years of experience as an executive recruiter I feel your pain. 

So I created this Group to provide inspiration, recommendations and a new perspective. I can lend a helping or healing hand as we redefine work. My intention is to help you shift your work-life experience to sync with what you love most about life. And to enable you to feel more fulfilled by your work by daring to do what's in your heart. 

It's called Trust Life

Because the shift requires you to trust your spirit to guide you, despite what others think or what you've been programmed to adhere to. The kind of work I encourage will unfold for you as you reclaim your childhood enthusiasm for life. Common belief systems are at the root of what's holding you back from integrating your personal passions into your work-life.

Ask yourself why we accept the workplace as the last place we expect to feel genuinely connected.

It's because we've been trained over and over to be subservient and obedient to a one size fits all system of earning a living. We've been conditioned to turn our brains on and hearts off when we enter the office. The result is a workforce robbed of its most powerful resources.

If you're like me, you know you are a multidimensional being. We are body, mind, AND spirit. But very few corporate cultures value or even acknowledge faithfulness. So how would you know if you're aligned with your employer?  

That's the first key to what may be missing.

It's no ones fault.  What I call The Great American Workplace Myth has gained credibility for generations. But now is the time to shed those foundational restraints and liberate ourselves to exercise what's authentic within each one of us. And to ‘work’ from a place where your soul is on fire.

Now is the time to analyze less and feel more.

Our intellects have been working overtime all the time to figure out how to get ahead. The question I have come to ask myself is, ahead of what? Why and how important is that comparison-shopping-lifestyle to me?

From your job search to your retirement, the time has come to TRUST your intuition and gut to influence and empower your relationship to your job(s) and your money.  Because the more aligned you feel about your work, the happier AND the more successful you'll be.

Our consciousness is being pulled in dozens of directions every waking minute.

We're never quite sure how or where to devote our time unless we're truly connected to a mission. Most of us feel like we're on a hamster wheel to nowhere. I never fully allowed myself to realize that about my own career until recently. My hope is that my sharing will prevent you from wasting any more time than you choose to.

If your daily routine feels like a stress-trap maybe it's time to take a leap of faith. If you are somewhat content maybe it's time to be less complacent. 

The key to knowing when and where to make a move is to get to know yourself better.

This is what I call the inside job. For me, daily practices of yoga, meditation and walking outdoors provide oomph, clarity and focus. For you it could be playing guitar, praying or climbing mountains. Whatever fuels your soul is the place to start your new vision.

The inner work you love will give you the energy to unlearn the lessons about earning a living we all thought were eternally true. Mantras like no pain no gain and the harder you work the more money you'll make are yesterday's stale bagels. Chunk em.

Ultimately the more joy you derive from your job the more powerful and abundant your whole life will be.

The true aspirations inside you will outshine and outlast any competitor.

Create your own business experience. Create your own way to derive income. If it fits into your current career path great. Every one of my clients is seeking passionate employees. If not, steer away from it and towards your heart's desire.

Be willing to prioritizing your spiritual dimension. Our world needs transformational leaders more than ever. And we're more ready to listen to you than ever! 

As a part of this group

let's share fears (we all have) to be our authentic selves at work. How we've been sucked into the Myth. How lonely and empty that makes us feel. And how we can get out of that box and into a wide-open field of opportunities. ( I'll be suggesting books, exercise, videos etc that inspire me).

Know this – you came into this life to be something greater than your parental lineage or your teachers projected you to be! Only you know what that is, and it takes a different kind of work to unleash that beautiful beast within. Start by forgiving everyone that belittled you. Set them and therefore yourself free.

Then trust your inner child to lead you out of the web others have woven for you. Believe you can create your own destiny.

Yes this Group will require work. The work of self-love. Please join this group and enliven multidimensional experience.  AND download a free copy of my book here  or send me your mailing address if you prefer a hard copy. 

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Jordan Greenberg

With Pinnacle Source, our small, specialized team of recruiters takes the work off of your plate of unearthing and attracting hard-to-find sales performers.


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