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The moral to this story is all the work I’ve done, and written about, is akin to weeding one’s garden. Gardens, like life, are messy; and require routine upkeep to find order, balance and ultimately contentment. These efforts are a never-ending process.

After receiving email after email cancelling our search assignments, a new segment of my life unfolded. I wasn’t overly freaked out about my income nor the long-term health of Pinnacle Source. So, I felt a tremendous burden being lifted as no one, including me, could expect employment placements to be consummated. That may sound odd, but that mantra of closing more and more deals has driven me, to a fault, for four decades.

Sure I’ve been through slowdowns before but this was / is different.

I’m 65 now and Covid completely shut down the economy; or was that our Government? Either way, almost all Pinnacle-related business disappeared. No rationale was anywhere to be found to do anything but change the pace of being me.

I have relied on rationale, reasoning, and tangible evidence to make decisions throughout my life. I’m a left-brain dominant thinker. I may always be, to some degree… But this story is about me becoming more heart-centered. And how much more I've grown by turning off my analysis-orientation.

After 39 years of working in the trenches of the search and placement industry, the chapter I’m writing now is focused on giving back.

My intention is to share the fulfillment and splendor that can be found through a different kind of work.   And I’m committed to revealing the power of pivoting from our traditional/conventional/ritualistic ways of relating to our jobs to one filled with individual, spiritual connections.

It is hard to describe the plethora of heart- opening messages I've experienced in words. But it is easy to feel the differences in my life. The personal power I've received from shifting away from obsessively pushing myself, is undeniable and boundless! Regardless of what stage of life you’re in, I wish you all the benefits of my experience.

My work has taken the form of daily meditation, countless hours of yoga, journaling ,hiking, tuning in to self-actualizing (mostly Hay House) podcasts, YouTube videos, meetings with loved ones, etc. My disciplined habits have yielded fresh fruits and veggies, blossoming flowers as well as life-force energy throughout my yard . Applying myself to these practices has expanded my self-awareness beyond measure.

The more one runs the less one sees

About 4 years ago I gave up consuming drugs and putting up with negative relationships. But up until recently, I was stuck in a daily grind of other distractions. The more I stayed glued to my job, my sports fandom, and associated busy-ness, the less open-minded I became.

Once I allowed myself to examine what was going on inside, I realized I was denying the significance of recurring thoughts about my earliest years. Then the healing process began.

I’ve learned not to force this inner work. Patience and a sense of ease is required to overcome any type of dis-ease. And so is an acceptance of one’s imperfections! The more self-reflective work we do, the more we see what needs to be revealed in order to grow.

Remember this; what you’re not aware of you cannot change
- Radhi Devluka Shetty

My Covid-era-journey has been especially sweet because I've taken the time to get to know my deeply embedded fears. I've learned that breakdowns are followed by breakthroughs.

I am certain we are all born perfect and taught by society to see our movement through life as one mistake after another.

We’re constantly judged, parented, and indoctrinated into feeling guilt, shame and inadequacy for not living up to what others tell us to do or be. We’re instructed from an early age to conform or be punished.

But Is that the life you want or need to take into adulthood? can you take responsibility, or better said, are you response-able for choosing a more peaceful mind, and therefore, a well-balanced life? We all have a spiritual guide or intuition that enables us to show up brilliantly. And I’ve spent a lot of time this Spring tapping into that light. Recently I've been finding scars, peeling back the scabs and rewiring.

Wanting to be free and not wanting to let go of your past won’t get you very far.
- Spring Washam, A Fierce Heart

I've learned to see my most painful childhood memories as events that needed to happen so I could learn from each incident. Now I see those experiences as the root cause for my insecurities and feelings of unworthiness. I can see my decay-ridden skeletons. Above ground, I've forgiven myself and those (parents/friends) that inflicted the wounds. I've accepted the whole drama as necessary acts on the stage of my existence. This work has led me to experience self-love.

The only way you can love yourself, is to invest time with yourself
- Radhi Devluka Shetty

We can all grow by looking within.

If you’re suffering on any level and ready to deal with inner conflict there is an awakening to be found on the other side. My advice is to be gentle with yourself and let the work be done to you. Simply launch good intentions. Breathe in curiosity, exhale concern. Fill your thoughts with self-care and let your higher consciousness be your guide. That’s where Divine Intelligence will take over.

And know this - your journey will be accelerated and expanded with the exercises and teachings that I've chronicled in my upcoming e-book.

Get immersed in activities that connect you to your passion! That’s where you’ll find your wisdom and what I call personal power.

You are the light of the world Don’t put a basket over it
- JC, paraphrasing Alan Cohen

Jordan Greenberg

With Pinnacle Source, our small, specialized team of recruiters takes the work off of your plate of unearthing and attracting hard-to-find sales performers.


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