If you can tame time you'll live freely.

Our egos, or the part of our mind that wants to control our thoughts, is always everywhere but in the present moment. Never in the now. 

We spend so much time conjuring up what may happen in the future. If you're like me most of that supposing is negative, even scary. Let's call it what it is – worry.

Regardless of how little control we have over future events, we've convinced ourselves that it's a worthwhile expenditure of our days trying. Mostly to be fearful of- it - what may happen. Man that's exhausting.

Worry leads to fears that cause anxiety, self-induced pressure, and STRESS. 

We also spend a lot of time fretting about what happened to us in our past and how unfortunate those events were. Why me? 

More importantly, we allow those memories to have power over our present. As the incredibly wise and articulate Peter Crone says, “past hurts inform future fears”.  ( Petercrone.com ) 

Self-pity leads to self-loathing.

Everyone I know suffers from some form of PTSD. We may have been scorned, belittled, maybe abused as children. At the very least we've all been told NO and You can't do that and or You'll regret that at least ten thousand times. 

Then we bring that demeaned child and his/her punishments into our daily lives and try our best to live from there. Can you shed that past?

Because you can't fix your history. Many people have success examining and rationalizing the past through therapy. Why not just accept that we all come from a town named “Dysfunction”.  

It's time to surrender and retire that belief system in order to leave it behind you. 

If we spend most of our time projecting about what may (or may not) happen to us or our loved ones; or we're stuck in our limitations based upon past experiences, we're dwelling in pain and missing out on  life's bounty. It's time to unwind those distractions by living freely. It's time to make time yours by being brave enough to let your current life in- by puking your past and future fears out.

The controlling mind is so busy and so consumed with what future we might be stepping into that it's too tired to focus on the task at hand. Have you ever walked into a room in your own house and forgotten why you came there? I have! 

Have you ever spent an hour tossing and turning in bed worrying about what may happen tomorrow to you or your children or parents? I have too! 

So, I’m learning to stop worrying. I'm learning to meditate more. I'm learning to reframe the narratives I have in my mind about my past. I’m seeing those negative thoughts that pop up, out of who knows where, as incidental, and relative. I’m learning to take control of my life by unlearning what people told me about me. 

I'm growing out of the emotional pain I’ve been living with for over 50 years. And I'm expressing my knowledge about what was my fear filled life, so I heal. And I'm hoping you want to overcome your well-worn, but unproductive thinking patterns too. That’s the synergy I seek. And I’m here to share.

I live now to minimize the emotional pain that others brought and will continue to try to bring into my life. I absorbed, digested, and sustained that burden for long enough. Knowing that I am in control of this experience – my life – is everything! That's my truth.

All we have is now...

That's where freedom lives. That's the place from which, in which, we truly create. In that place we see and feel and hear and smell our own form or version of genius. No one else has your skillset, your creativity, or your vision of how you can make us, the world and you BETTER.

That's also the place where we are joyful. That’s why it feels so good to exercise. To re-create. To yoga. Because that’s the place where our minds take a back seat to our body's capabilities.

By disempowering the lies our ego-mind is feeding us we can all be more joyful without being sucked into a future we think we can control. 

It's in your present moments where your self-approval lives. And where the future you most cherish can be realized.

Can you tap into your self-acceptance?

Do not feel ashamed if it's hard to find. Mine has been buried under all kinds of trash and rubble and self-disrespect for decades.

Do not let your internal mental wheels dilute your energy and therefore your power. Stay in a place of less fear. Start there. Walk slowly into less self-doubt. See how it feels when you really breathe deep for a while.

Freeing huh? Relaxing, yes. 

Insulate yourself from outsiders` noise and doubts and their fears too. Stay strong knowing you deserve self – kindness.

Do you, can you love yourself?

Those of us that are blessed enough to know self-love know self-love is a natural birthright. All the other thoughts are nonsense. AMEN. 

“LET LOVE IN, IF ONLY FOR A MOMENT“ - David ji  ( Davidji.com ) 

Jordan Greenberg

With Pinnacle Source, our small, specialized team of recruiters takes the work off of your plate of unearthing and attracting hard-to-find sales performers.


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