You know the secrets to life. To a life well lived. To life without fear. Without lasting doubt. 

I know you know because we all know the secrets.

Obstructed by our thoughts or buried within, we all know. Intuitively, we all know. It's in our nature to know goodness and the power of stillness and peacefulness. For many, that source of positive energy is blocked. Just because it's available to us, doesn't mean we know HOW TO access it. 

So let's stop pretending knowing is enough.

We all know, but can you do? Can you be? 

It is no secret the less one complains about his/her circumstances the easier one's path becomes. The less one feels slighted, or left out, or concerned with others' opinions, the more self-approved and empowered one becomes. So why do we spend hour after hour worrying about bad outcomes that haven't happened and likely never will? Why do we spend so much energy blaming external forces for unhappiness?

If you're like me, it's because I “learned’ how to feel inferior and insecure as an infant and a pre-teen.

Societal conditioning leads to feelings of inadequacy. The greatest news ever is those inadequacies are not the real you. That's your fear and doubt.  

Can you be where you are and be ok with uncertainty?

Personal freedom is allowing yourself to be ok with the uncertainties in every situation. Truly accepting the unknowing is the first step on the path to healing. It's hard, I know. But the alternative is being ok with not being ok.

Life is the process of friction that polishes the gem you already are. -

It is no secret the more one approves of one's physical being and allows his/her body to relax the happier and healthier one will be. The calmer one is, the more energy we store. From that place it is easier to exercise vigorously, and to rest fully. We all know that. 

We can address the stress in our lives by doing the work. ( like taking more walks, going to youtube and finding a fun exercise /yoga/ pranayama/etc. video )

The less we chase things and outcomes the sooner the gifts arrive.

We've been deceived. That golden ring isn't all that shiny and won't bring you lasting joy. Staying curious and hungry for harmony has led me to happiness.

Giving up the chase leads to ideas that flow and generates wealth as you define it! The more we trust ourselves, the less power the boogeymen have. The more faith we have in EVERYTHING that happens to us, the closer we get to contentedness. Can you trust the circumstances of your life are aligning for your benefit? 

When I lack trust in life I repeat affirmations like this one over and over: 

All is well.

Everything is working out goy my highest good.

Out of this situation only good will come and I am safe!

- Thank you Louise Hay - (

It's not enough to know.

We have to practice daily to undo. To unwind the crap that fills our brains. So if you're feeling stuck or holding yourself back or disconnected or down or depressed, start with that prayer.

It's in the doing that longer lasting benefits become a part of your being. 

It's from that place that giving to and loving others is so natural. 

After 66 years of life and 40 plus in the business of Executive Search and Placement, the giving has taken on a feeling of receiving.

Feeling love for all of “it” brings immeasurable rewards. Being grateful, feeling joy is its own heaven, but it also brings you closer to everyone else's. 

We all know this! There are no secrets. Except to stop trying to know. Do love. Stop worrying and start trying to look at life through a trusting lens. Practice being full of faith however and whenever you can. 

I believe because I've reaped the fruits of life's harvest... Or do I receive because I believe?

As hard as it is to see challenge, illness, misery as a gift at the time you're going through it, you have to believe in the end game. Or not. You choose. But don't pretend there are any secrets. Don't pretend giving up is an acceptable alternative. You're just kidding yourself and the ones that love you.

Feeling sorry for yourself is the self-sabotaging game we all play.

I lost that game so many times, I finally stopped playing it. Took me about 60 years to start stopping. You don't need to wait that long. Just remember you cannot be complaining and be happy at the same time.

Choose trust, faith, love, the sparkle in childrens' eyes.

There is no guru or priest.

No one is going to save you from yourself.

You have to self-initiate in this lifetime.

- Guru Jagat (

Jordan Greenberg

With Pinnacle Source, our small, specialized team of recruiters takes the work off of your plate of unearthing and attracting hard-to-find sales performers.


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