I just finished spending a few hours on a Sunday – yep I know – reviewing candidates' credentials in our ATS and Linkedin network. A new client requested urgent assistance on Friday so I am answering the call. 

What strikes me is the incredible amount of exceptional talent we have confidential access to. And yet these rare gems sit idly waiting for an interview. Talent is not enough. Or is it? 

Every hirer is entitled to define what constitutes qualifications suited for their open requirements.

But how open-minded are most Tech execs when it comes to scrutinizing resumes? If you trust a 3rd party like pinnaclesource.com why not let a firm like ours be of more value? 

We're spending almost every waking hour interacting with and evaluating personnel. In our case we're focused on a specialized niche of the employment marketplace. Do we know your company as well as the folks running it? Of course not. But we do know why the candidates we've placed succeed and or fail. We listen. We learn. 

We're not just trying to make placements for the sake of sending invoices.

Our 35 year history is proof. 

Over the past few weeks I've been seeking a VPSales to bolster my small, awesome team. Late last week  she accepted my offer.

I relied on an old cliché in the search and placement business to make my decision. “ Hire the best and place the rest! “ 

Our VPSales to be comes to us from a top performing stint as an Inside Sales professional for a local Software company. That helps. But it is NOT her credentials that swayed me. Her resume would have been rejected by most recruiting business owners seeking a Sales Leader. We too are often blinded by stigma.

I believe in her and our chemistry is unshakeable. The last company that hired her got it right. They took a leap of faith. Her previous job was owning/operating a boutique retail spa. That didn't stop her from becoming an over-quota sales rep in an incredibly competitive applications space.

That's talent. We can help you hire those candidates.

You'll need to consider being more creative and flexible. 

I have had 3 VPs or CROs ask me what happened to all the good resumes they were seeing on Linkedin or Indeed. ‘Recently they've all dried up” they say. 

We know. And it's only going to get harder to find the specs you seek for a while. Unless we work together to think and ACT outside of the box. My advice is to look and feel for connections with your applicants. I believe you'll be impressed with those ready and willing to prove how broken that box is.

Maybe talent IS enough if it's weighed with by open heart. 

Jordan Greenberg

With Pinnacle Source, our small, specialized team of recruiters takes the work off of your plate of unearthing and attracting hard-to-find sales performers.


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