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As a keen observer of human behavior, I'm always looking for inspiration

Finding the divine presence in earthly matters can be challenging. We all crave encouragement and support for our highest hopes. Unfortunately, the voices in our society possessing the largest loudspeakers have let us down. Don't expect joyous notes or motivating thoughts to come over your airwaves anytime soon.

For example, the so-called leaders of the (SaaS Software) industry that I've supported for 40 years, as an executive recruiter at, are power failures. Over time, leaders become followers. Take our tech icons; – please. Silicon Valley has lost its luster and its captains reveal how dull and gloomy it is. So we are called to look within!

Practicing Daily Self-Discipline

Through hard work in the form of self-discipline based daily practice (exercise, prayer, martial arts, meditation, breath work, mantra, yoga and other ancient, time-tested rituals) you learn anything and everything is possible. You can overcome depression and lack and scarcity thinking by discovering vigor and vitality stored in your mind and body. Yet the wealthiest, and by many standards, most successful and prominent American businessmen are proving to be uninspired, shriveling role models.

They (Mark Zuckerberg, Marc Benioff, and Jack Dorsey) all cower under the pressure of the next Great Recession. Even though our economy shows few signs of such. The recent wave after wave of layoffs by these Tech Titan companies (Facebook/Meta, Salesforce, and Twitter) are exemplary of the fear-based, herd mentality dominating our society. If you read their official media statements, they're almost duplicates. “We hired too many people during COVID expansion and now we're laying them off”. Fearless or fear-full?

All they're doing is trying to placate their Wall Street shareholders that cherish cost-cutting imperatives because they're scared and worried too. The slowing economy snowball grows and gains momentum like a downhill landslide. Corporate American spokespeople lack courage and grit and faith. How will your company thrive if they are selling human capital low, only to have to hire (Sales performers, Software Engineers, etc.) at a more expensive rate? Rate equals cost. Costs diminish profits.

The perils of conventional hiring and firing have never been higher if you study long-term employment data. Based on demographics, job tenure and educational standards, the competition for human assets will be fiercest in 2024.

From my perch the biggest SaaS companies are lazy and continue to slumber whilst next gen risk-takers grab market share.

Instead of supporting their troops and enduring temporary setbacks, SaaS yesterday's SaaS juggernauts panic by resorting to GROUPTHINK.

“Following the crowd is a good way to get lost”.
- Lessons from NFL Playoffs for tech layoff, Ben Cohen, WSJ

My better half

We're ( blessed to have placed Sales and Sales Management talent with nascent SaaS innovators. Many of which are hiring and/or holding their own!

This is where inspiration lives today. There are exceptional, nascent SaaS employers right here in Colorado, and beyond, making a difference. They are tomorrow's champions of industry, and heroes of today.

I cheer and thank them:

And their do-gooders @Dave Grant @Carlos Perez @Steve Baker @Dave Milliken @Lucas Greenberg @Pieter Leenhouts @Steve Baumgarten

Together we will get through this period of uncertainty. Every storm varies in size and duration; each one ends. But big media's loudspeaker blasts challenges everywhere. Behind its power is their mantra “if it bleeds it reads”.

Personal power available

Do yourself a favor and turn it off! Listen to an inspirational podcast (like ON PURPOSE with Jay Shetty); or read an inspiring book steeped in the latest research (like The Myth of Normal by Dr Gabor Mate) Or check out the work of Dr Daniel Amen's work on brain health on PBS.

We may not have great leaders on TV but we have choices. We have a responsibility to explore mentally and emotionally healthy activities. We owe it to ourselves, our families and humankind to do so.

I choose to put focus on enlightening speakers, authors and the like who effort to shout out a positive message. I'm a seeker of communities providing classes and gatherings where sharing goodness resides to shake me out of daily challenges and keep them in perspective.

I've also learned to heal myself through Kundalini yoga and am thrilled to share my gifts with anyone interested in learning more. Just email me at with the subject YOGA.

We cannot rely upon our “Stars” to lead us in these complex times. They are fallen angels.

Let's commit to being victorious and glorious without them.  There's personal power in taking in each wonderful idea and creative action you take. When you believe, there's nothing to fear.

Jordan Greenberg

With Pinnacle Source, our small, specialized team of recruiters takes the work off of your plate of unearthing and attracting hard-to-find sales performers.


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