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Where does doubt come from? 

We all doubt ourselves. At the root of most doubt is a knowing that we hold ourselves back. I'm working to define that knowing.

As laborious as it is, clarity comes from self-discovery.

Are you digging in the same well or fishing from the same hole when you look inside? If you're like me, you lose focus, get distracted and wander. 

How much time do we spend wandering?

So easy to get distracted… And stuck!

I believe in cycles.

I try to pay attention and tune into the cycles of my life. When I do, I eliminate some of my stuckness. 

Yogic wisdom teaches “everything we pick up, must get put back down”.

What have you picked up that you may want to put down right about now?

What would you like to make room for?

The opposite of being stuck is being open to change. 

And if you don't put down the old there's less room for the new. 

Know thyself - Socrates

You are your greatest mentor, teacher and learner – all in one.

Others draw out what's within. But our inner guide – our intuition – our gut feeling will not steer us awry. 

The path of self-development can bring one to dark places.

My personal journey, like a challenging mountain climb, has rough edges and raw feelings and blockages and uncertainty.

Yet I persevere. The power to keep moving is innate. 

If you're not shifting, you may be rotting.

We're programmed to relax into what's comfortable.

Those well-worn things are snuggly and cozy. Like teddy bears and puppy fur. Until they start to stick to our souls and weigh us down. 

Complacency may lead to stagnation and on to dissatisfaction and depression.

The clearest symptom of being stuck is complaining.

A life of self-discovery is a life of change and self-respect.

As you dig into your well, learning happens.

I believe that's the path of self-fulfillment. Digging and shifting. Staying in gear.

Whether the signposts within the cycles are clear or not, do not let fear of change immobilize you.

Your career is a reflection of your life.

Very few are wired to consider unknown challenges without a compelling reason- i.e.- pain.

But what's the alternative? 

Accepting the status quo in today's rat race will stall you and your career path. For Sales professionals the enormous popularity of The Challenger Sale written by Brent Adamson and Mathew Dixon illuminates brilliantly.

My natural curiosity drives me to move on to the next despite the odds. Defeat motivates me to be even better. Work even harder. Or Smarter. Or both. Have you ever heard of failing forward? Or failing bigger? 

Why not?

Trying to figure (sh)it out for one's self is fuel for growth. And leads to action. Relying on others to make critical decisions feels uncomfortable and awkward. So why try to popularize your intentions?

Self-worth is not net worth. But they can come together! 

How does it feel to know others believe in you more than you believe in yourself? If you've recently received a new job offer others see greatness in you! 

And they've compared you to several others. 

It may take courage to resign to an employer that's treated you well and enabled your successful path. But they, or others in their company, didn't support you fully or you wouldn't have gone through the interviews to be at the offer stage. 

“A good mentor hopes we will move on, a great mentor knows we will.” - Ted Lasso | Apple TV

The power of bouncing back.

Looking back only prevents us from seeing our potential more clearly. Obstructs the vision. Slows the journey. As hard as some lessons are to learn, as awful as some experiences feel, as cruel as life appears to be, there's another breath to be found.

If you get off your knees and rise-up.

“A new day will dawn for those who stand long" - Led Zeppelin | Stairway To Heaven

Stick that shovel in the ground one more time. Because you cannot find your best self by scratching the surface. The mine I'm working has led to a lot of hard rocks. But beneath the rubble I'm finding gems and fertile soil and hope and faith and love for myself and mankind.

The more you dig, the clearer you'll see and hear and feel your inner compass. 

Don't be afraid to make room for what's next. The world we live in doesn't include the choice of NOT changing. Only whether your moves are accidental or intentional.

“The funny thing about life is it all moves in one direction. When you're open to your heart, all oceans part“ - Guruganesha Singh | Divine Embrace
"You don't need to see the whole staircase to take the 1st 1st step" - Martin Luther King

Jordan Greenberg

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