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One of the harshest "losing streaks" of my long career.

If you're into astrology, you know I've just been "eclipsed" (11/08/2022).

The mystery and mastering the art of sales

Despite motivational mantra and sales training methods, it (Sales) is not really a numbers game! People and ideas and efforts come together to create a sales outcome. But after all these years, the mystery I've come to know is winning is not all about activity levels.

Without righteous intentions, a sales professional has nothing. It's not about how many calls you bang out or attempts you make. If you initiate (or receive) contact from another human being with negative energy in your heart, the quantity of communication events won't matter.

People are feeling, vibrational beings. Ideas and attempts to communicate have potential. The quality you put into your thoughts and words is powerful. Each time. Every time. You breathe life or introduce death into potential. Opportunity after opportunity.

The clarity of your attitude or lack thereof comes through you and creates connectedness or brokenness. Are you conscious of your feelings as you communicate? How are you being received?

If you're not feeling good about your recipient, or don't believe in the purpose of your call, it wont matter how many you make.

The harder i work the less i get

Have you ever said that? I did last week. And all that negative energy did was bring me more "losing" outcomes. That led to less self-confidence.

What I've learned is that without positive feelings, without the right vibe, without joy, within me; work becomes lack.

When I'm consumed with lack or fear or worry or anxiety I need to stop working. Immediately. Take a break… Shift. Allow new energy to find its way into your day. Thank God, I know a higher calling is available.

My "jam" is yoga (see intro video here). What's your way of dealing with this type of stress or fear? Where can you find relief?

How can you increase your vitality and your vibrational energy? I LOVE to move, to walk, to run, to swim, etc. But listening to motivational speakers or uplifting music, or meditating, taking a cool shower all provide healing power. Studies show that deep breathing is the most powerful way to increase the strength of your immune system. (see U of Toronto study here)

You know what doesn't change YOUR VIBE? Calling or texting your buddy and sharing your sob stories. That call won't help you escape the dungeon. It will keep you stuck in a persistent, downward spiral.

Nothing stands in between you and your customer

That's the essential beauty of a services sale. It's up to you to put goodness and love and care into your calls. If you knew life would ultimately support you, could you detach yourself from outcomes? That's the secret! Mystery solved. Don't hesitate to temporarily walk away from work that sucks.

Instead of seeking perfection, look for some sweet, attainable peace of mind.

Know yourself. Don't be afraid or ashamed to slow down and take a breather. Don't rely on quantity. You'll just keep pounding a nail into the wrong wall if your energy is not aligned with your intentions.

When you come back refreshed know that you're on the right track. Hold space for the possibility of abundance in your heart as you communicate. EVERY interaction has the potential to be a loving one!

Awareness without compassion leads to more suffering

As I received rejection after rejection last week, I was well-aware of the ramifications. I counted my losses as if they were personal vendettas. Nothing could be further from the truth. They were simply events taking their course.

To heal, we all need to keep perspective and know change is constant. And carry on with gratitude for everything and everyone that lights us up.

My plight is a blessed one. I have found religion in its purest form. Yet I stumble and suffer. As gracefully as possible I find my way back to my personal power. The Truths that overpower all the losses AND the wins. THE truth that life itself is enough of a magnificent gift. And I am enough.

Sustaining self-love complements my awareness and growth ensues. Thank-fully. Amen.

Sometimes God slows you down so that the evil ahead of you will pass before you get there. Your delay could mean your protection… - anonymous?

Jordan Greenberg

With Pinnacle Source, our small, specialized team of recruiters takes the work off of your plate of unearthing and attracting hard-to-find sales performers.


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