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If your employees had more vitality and focus would that make a difference?

Do you have divisions between Management and staff you'd like to mend?

What would you have to do to get beyond limitations?

It's time to expect and receive more. You have extraordinary potential. Let's learn how to allow that life force to work though you.

Are your employees thriving or surviving?

Keeping your most productive employees happy and engaged is more challenging and important than ever.

Even if you're not hiring; it's critical to retain and enhance your relationship with your most valuable assets.

I've spent a long career “sitting’ in between C and V level hirers and their prospective employees. I've heard and felt the angst separating the two parties. I wrote a book about the growing disharmony…  “Empowered” – you can access here at

Experienced recruiters serve as negotiators, and even counselors to the clients and candidates that put their trust in us. We feel your pain.

Through the experience and benefits of Kundalini Yoga practice we can all heal; and grow together.

Are you open to change?

Top talent will always have options. Now they're looking for Leadership that recognize, respect and reward them as individuals.

What are you doing to understand and embrace their unique needs? To really get to know them?

Are the “happy-hours” and party-related events working for you? Consider a harmony-hour as an alternative.

Here's an interactive, fun and inexpensive resource to help you break through the barriers.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is not a dogma or belief system. Guided properly, it has no religious context.

Kundalini yoga is a technology! It's a scientific set of movement, breath work and sound designed to increase the strength of your nervous and glandular systems.

One way to remove blockages between "management" and those that report to you is to move. To get unstuck we all need to move and rejuvenate our bodies daily.

When are you best at work? When you're tired or when you're relaxed, present and energized?

With the power of Kundalini yoga you and your employees will renewed powers to concentrate at the tasks at hand.

The “technique” of Kundalini yoga will amplify the energy of every-body that participates. It can be practiced in a chair, lying down or on a mat. It's accessible to all!

My hope is that it may help you overcome challenges in a way that makes the ups and owns we all live through less daunting. And brings you and your staff together.

Yoga in the workplace has numerous benefits

You'll feel a connection to your colleagues that goes beyond mentor/mentee; employer/ employee stereotypes. You'll enjoy a fresh outlook from which to communicate with one another.

When are you at your best at work? When you're tired or when you're relaxed and energized. Kundalini yoga will produce results!

I am a certified Kundalini instructor and have recently began offering group classes.

Here is a video of my latest group session for you to experience.

Whether you have a fitness/wellness room on site or not we can accommodate you and your teams.

Bring your workplace community into a powerful new place. A safe but courageous and passionate place. You'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel; and feel about one another!  

So let me know if you're interested today! - Send me an email at

Jordan Greenberg

With Pinnacle Source, our small, specialized team of recruiters takes the work off of your plate of unearthing and attracting hard-to-find sales performers.


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