I will never cease to be amazed how the raising of our collective consciousness shows up. Sports talk radio? Yep, that's where I find real world, current examples of our collective community's consciousness rising up.

Let me explain…

Last week the hot topic of discussion focused on the Dallas Cowboys signing their Quarterback to a long-term contract after years of negotiating. Many shouted from the rooftops how Dak (the QB) finally got his money and how he deserved every penny and good for him. Others, in the minority, said yes good for him, but did he take too much? What? How? 

Can you take too much? 

In this case, as in life, if you're the QB or a Leader, the answer is YES! 

Yes, you can take too much if you're blind to, or ignorant of, discounting and disempowering the good of the whole. You see, the Dallas Cowboys have a salary cap. The more dollars one takes the less is left to share amongst the others. 

In stark contrast Tom Brady, the epitome of leadership, has taken less for years so his teammates could have more. (for a full explanation of how less IS more in our lives go to pinnaclesource.com and download my e-book Empowered or hit this link for a free copy… )

Tom Brady also knows we are ALL connected. We are all connected through spirit. And the members of his team feel Tom's commitment to winning and his love. His willingness to take less shows up as support, care, respect, and trust in the others that share a common goal. That's the essence of leadership!

If you want to create a more powerful organization, community or family consider giving more by taking less. Consider having FAITH in your tribe. Knowing that prosperity comes in many different forms. 

Sure, Tom Brady follows through executing with excellence in almost every facet of his craft. That's what consummate leaders do. But his most public statements are all about spreading the wealth.

We're all awakening to new definitions of success.

The days of gimme gimme gimme are long gone. Now, even recognized amidst the banter of sports talk radio, taking less is recognized as creating more. 

Truly self-confident leaders inspire me through their actions. Their willingness to make financial sacrifices is founded upon much more powerful beliefs. They are living example of trusting life, knowing the power of Shared Goodness and self-love. 

Tom Brady's success on and off the field is noteworthy. His medals and achievements historical. But it's his unwavering commitment to the good of the whole that serves as today's leadership model. Increasing numbers of “Servant” leaders are populating every industry. 

If you suffer from occasional bouts of fear and worry that there's never enough to go round you're not alone. We all suffer from the “scarcity blues” every now and then. 

If that's your current state of mind, flip the script and give more. You may be surprised at how much joy and relief you feel through your benevolence…

Deep down we're all like Tom Brady. We all know – ‘only in giving and receiving do we become whole’.

The love you take is equal to the love you make - The Beatles

Jordan Greenberg

With Pinnacle Source, our small, specialized team of recruiters takes the work off of your plate of unearthing and attracting hard-to-find sales performers.


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