Every experience comes to an end.

But we rarely live our lives as if that were the case. We seek arrival. And permanence. The familiar is comfortable.

I'm learning to accept and allow discomfort. It's exciting. At times exhilarating! And scary. 

I'm not letting the fear in today. I'm not letting the ‘old man” into my life either.

So as I can see the end of my 40th year in the wonderful, fulfilling and challenging business of executive search and placement a larger shift is upon me. What a blessed career I've enjoyed. Thank you for your partnership, collaboration and education.

I'm not leaving just yet, but readying myself and pinnaclesource.com. 

I recently wrote a book entitled Empowered ( you can download free here or text me with your address if you'd like a hard copy 303-775-5535 is my cell ). The core message is to find meaning and inspiration through your work. 

I have found mine through recruiting and interacting with many of you. But now I am called to delve more deeply into helping one another through what I call career healing. You will be hearing more soon.

The Pinnacle Source endures.

And will continue to under vibrant stewardship, an infusion of creative energy and my and Sherri's ( her linkedin profile here ) sage guidance. 

We've survived handsomely since 1985. Through what the media labels as financial crises, societal upheavals and the recent global pandemic, we are stronger than ever. Challenges and changes are accepted and expected.

Our enduring track record demonstrates we deliver.

The reason is simple. There is no substitute for the human touch. The Pinnacle Source tries hard every day to reach out and provide customer service to job seekers and hirers. We care and it shows.

Our hard-working attempt to communicate thoroughly is second nature. Our core value is to keep our client's best interests at heart in every conversation.

The Colorado Technology Community is our backyard and we love playing in it. We know it intimately. As it has grown so has our dedication to it. 

A wise soul said to me recently that what sets us apart is we do not treat your business` personnel needs as if it's a transaction. We listen, we learn. We thrive on connection. And we know you do. 

Sometimes I wonder what I'll miss the most. Then I choose to get my focus back to the present. There is my power. In gratitude for what is, I'm not missing anything. 

There's no looking back nor arriving, just a flow of experiences. Make yours joyful! 

Jordan Greenberg

With Pinnacle Source, our small, specialized team of recruiters takes the work off of your plate of unearthing and attracting hard-to-find sales performers.


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