I think I was 13 when someone asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up.

Fast forward about a lifetime (13 years) later, and I had to make a decision regarding 2 job offers. One was to be an Account Manager for a Fortune 500, NYSE listed office forms manufacturer. They offered me a substantial (for a 26 year old in 1981) base salary, company car, etc. The other was from the “employment agency” that found me the interview. Tom Wright of Allied Careers, Inc proposed I come to work for him on a recoverable (and flimsy) draw against commission. 

I accepted what appeared to be the worse job.

Why? Not sure I can answer that question 40 years later; after making a good living and finding my own definition of wealth through the recruiting industry. 

The most amazing and meaningful aspect of the choice I made is that there was no logical connection or awareness of the answer I gave to the question 13 years earlier. I made the decision based upon an emotional awareness! Despite both my parents' discouragement, it just “felt right”. And the story begins to unfold from there.

As look back, I realize I didn't create this journey.

I've cooperated, sure. But I didn't construct the success as much as I allowed it to happen. There are greater forces at play orchestrating each of our fates. 

Now I know why Wayne Dyer said “ you're really not doing anything, you're being done”.

So how do you find your lifelong calling? Here's what I think…


Give up trying to control “it”.


Stop overanalyzing and overthinking every aspect of each potential offer. Start turning your intuition and your gut on and your monkey mind off.


Get away from the work. Go for a walk, run or sleep on it before talking to everyone you know about and driving yourself crazy with facts. Let it digest.

Most importantly don't settle!

Break down the role into responsibilities and the responsibilities into actions. Do those actions bring you joy? Do they excite you? Do they inspire you? If not, walk away. You won't be fulfilled regardless of the money, the commute, the office, the corporate culture, or the boss if you're not passionate about the day to day. 

Stay with what feels right.

Follow what feels good. And do not listen to others' opinions unless they truly resonate with your spirit. That's right, your spirit. Get in touch with your inner self. Your higher calling is found there. In this place or space of personal power, you'll be ok failing. That's where we really learn. And you will get back up and at em, feeling stronger and more convicted each time. 

Those of you that know me, know I find my best version of me through yoga and meditation. But any channel of positive energy YOU ENJOY is the one you need to stay tuned into to tap into your own divinity.

The lie we've been told our whole lives is that we can figure out how to make “professional” decisions with our brain power.

What about our hearts? 

My teacher calls it- that ideal job for you/ that place where your true character shine/ your essential you- the merging of your spirituality and your ambition. That's what I found over 40 years ago. And that’s why the answer to the question I was asked as a teenager was simply… “people”. 

Today, more than ever, it's easy to get sucked into life as a video game. We're bombarded with artificial intelligence-driven digital media telling you how to act even if you're unaware of the technology. It's not just social media.

Don't become a character in the game, be the player. 

The only way to deflect the FOMO and "need to fit in and be liked" is to love your self. Get to know what really turns you on. Start there. Develop yourself, not someone else's idea of what your resume should look like. Those conscious choices will bring you your own sacred life-long wealth.

Jordan Greenberg

With Pinnacle Source, our small, specialized team of recruiters takes the work off of your plate of unearthing and attracting hard-to-find sales performers.


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