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Along with your Thanksgiving turkey, did you get…

A full helping of bad news?

Holiday guests and media outlets are whining about recession, massive layoffs, high-interests rates, inflation etc.

How will you cope?  

By believing in your mission, ignoring the noise. There's never been a better time to turn fear into opportunity.

Whomever 1st said


is my hero.

If we believe more is possible than it already exists on some level. Dissatisfaction and disappointment stem from that knowing.

Do you have the courage to reach for better? And to ACT upon it consistently?

The 3Cs

You must make a CHOICE to take a CHANCE or your life will never CHANGE!

Whether you're a sales leader, a job seeker or an executive recruiter, your commitment to your inspired thoughts/ideas/plans; and the actions you take following through WILL dictate your happiness or lack thereof.

The choices you make today matter. Are they coming from a place of confidence and empowerment or fear?

“Never Give Up, Never Ever Give Up” - Jimmy Valvano

The business partners I'm looking for operate from a position of power. I'd advise every candidate to do the same.

Tier one employers embrace a revenue focused mentality and have confidence in their aggressive “Go- To-Market” strategy. They will not be laying off quality sales org personnel. They'll be buying the dip.

That which applies to the job market has been revealed by the stock market.

Famed investor, Mario Gabelli when asked about how deep he believes the recession will be in 2023 said this yesterday…

“Who cares? I'm focused on how much money we're gonna make in 2024!”

Icon Warren Buffet has made billions by BUYING THE FEAR- when there's blood in the street.

Exceptional talent is available. Are you taking advantage of this golden market misfortune? Or are you likely to find yourself asking “where are all the qualified sales reps I need” 6 months from now?

After the 3CS Comes the 3DS

It's ok to be DISAPPOINTED and DISSATISFIED. They ignite your soul's flame. And it's more than ok to feel that pain. That's self-awareness.

Then soothe those wounds with self-love and compassion and you WILL come out the other side stronger/brighter/lighter!

Then the 2Ds will never dissolve into DISCOURAGEMENT!

Focus Matters is a tried and proven search and placement firm specializing in assisting SaaS firms ready to hire sales org talent. Offering 50 years of combined industry expertise. We're your one stop for consulting and recruitment!

We're also receiving great interest from candidates looking for career coaching and resume writing assistance.

If you're eager to interview exceptional sales or sales management candidates, or seeking career guidance - and this message resonates with you - fill out our contact form or message me directly and we will provide complimentary consultation in-between now and December 31.

Jordan Greenberg

With Pinnacle Source, our small, specialized team of recruiters takes the work off of your plate of unearthing and attracting hard-to-find sales performers.


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By believing in your mission, ignoring the noise. There's never been a better time to turn fear into opportunity.
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