If you're like me and you have a hard time NOT taking things personally, especially when it comes to what you're selling; read on. I have found the key to not taking things personally.

There is no ONE universal truth

The secret is to accept the fact there is no ONE universal truth. The myth we tell ourselves over and over is that we know the truth. We know better. The question to ask yourself is better than who? Why is your truth applicable to others? We may believe we know better and that's great. We need to speak that truth… as long as we realize it's just our truth -NOT EVERYONE OR ANYONE else's.

Once you accept this reality your truth will become clearer and cleaner and bolder because you won't be worried about or taking on the energy of those that do not see it see the situation or your product or ( in my case) my candidate or my client's offer the same way I do.

You're not getting rejected

You're not getting rejected unless you believe the other person has any power over your opinion or belief or thought or statement. Carry on with your truth. Do not allow distractions in. 

Each of us lives in our own truth. So the more one tries to convince or influence others to change their perspective, the less credibility and power yours has. Theirs a fine line between speaking your truth and overstating it. If you mean what you say that's all that matters.

Taking on the energy of someone else's opinion, if it does not resonate with yours, only distracts you from your truth. 

Remove your ego

Once you start removing your ego – YOUR attachment to the truth – from your communications, you will be freed up to create powerfully with each statement. You will also sense a feeling of liberation and ease. 

“Be open to everything and attached to nothing” - Wayne Dyer

If your audience isn't listening or agreeing, do not take that personally. They're just not ready. If you feel strongly about your belief and feel the urge to share it, find another audience. If you know your message to be true for you revel in that truth. Be ok surrendering to others` disbelief. Allow them to live their flavor of truth. Relax into their disagreement. Then release it. 

Make another call. Keep dialing and smiling. Now that's sales! 

Your words will endure; and your creativity will blossom and flourish as you stay in your personal power.

It takes a lot of practice allowing others to disagree, but it feels a lot better than staying angry! 

Jordan Greenberg

With Pinnacle Source, our small, specialized team of recruiters takes the work off of your plate of unearthing and attracting hard-to-find sales performers.


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